Complaint Handling Policy

Netbay Internet Pty Ltd ( ACN 093 981 321 ) is absolutely committed to efficient, fair and courteous resolution of genuine customer complaints. By following this Policy, we aim to understand your concerns better, give you more room to communicate your issues and have those issues resolved as quickly as possible.

1. Preamble

  1. Definitions
  2. We acknowledge that customers have the right to complain.
  3. We can only investigate a complaint if:
    • you are currently a customer of ours, or
    • you have had an active account with us within the past two (2) years.
  4. This Policy was formulated to comply with the TCPC. e. Your complaint will not adversely affect the technical qualities of your currently active service or our service commitment.
  5. This Policy does not apply to complaints that:
    • are the subject of legal action;
    • are already filed with the TIO;
    • relate to our prices and miscellaneous fees.
  6. This Policy has been submitted to the TIO and ACMA, and we will inform the TIO within seven (7) days if there are any significant changes.

2. Complaint lodgement and our approach to understanding your Complaint

  1. Both parties should have a fair and reasonable approach to the complaint, to allow for a fruitful complaint resolution process.
  2. All complaints must be recorded in detail and therefore must be submitted in writing;
    • By email to: with subject: Complaint lodgement - username X (where X refers to the customer's username)
    • By facsimile transmission to: (03) 8844 7510
    • By posting in a letter to: PO Box 280 Box Hill VIC 3128
    • Complaint must include username, full name and contact details i.e. mobile, residential and email address.
  3. When your complaint has been received, a member of the customer service team (Investigation Officer) will take responsibility for investigating your complaint.
  4. An Investigation Officer cannot be assigned to review you complaint if the complaint is not lodged using one of the methods stated in paragraph 2 (b).
  5. In our investigation, we will consider what is fair and reasonable in the circumstances and whether our Terms and Conditions of Service provided clear directions;
    • The Investigation Officer assigned to review your complaint will be your point of contact until closure of the complaint.
    • Investigation Officers are trained to review your complaint in an objective and courteous manner.
  6. Investigation of your complaint may be suspended or stopped entirely if;
    • You are rude, threatening and/or abusive in your communication with your Investigation Officer and/or
    • We find your Complaint is of a frivolous or vexatious nature.

3. Complaint handling time frames

  1. We will assign a unique Complaint Number to the customer within five (5) working days of receiving it. This constitutes our acknowledgement of the Complaint.
  2. An Investigation Officer will contact you within five (5) working days from the date you received the Complaint Number.
  3. We aim to resolve your complaint within fourteen (14) working days from the date you received your Complaint Number, and the outcome to be sent in writing.
  4. On resolving your complaint, both parties must accept the undertakings in writing within two (2) working days.
  5. On acceptance of any undertakings and there being any further actions required, we will action any undertakings we have agreed to within three (3) working days subject to external constraints. Should an action relate to a refund, note that the refund will be completed within thirty (30) working days.

4. Escalation of your complaint

  1. If you do not feel the outcome of your complaint was fair or reasonable, you do not have to accept the outcome provided by your Investigation Officer.
  2. You may request your Complaint to be reviewed by the Customer Service Manager. This escalation must be made in writing, clearly stating the reason(s) to why you feel the outcome(s) provided were unfair and unreasonable.
  3. A complaint escalated for review by the Customer Service Manager will be resolved within five (5) working days, after which you will be notified in writing of the outcome and paragraphs 3(d) and 3(e) will come into effect again. d. If you do not believe the outcome provided by the Customer Service Manager was fair or reasonable, you should contact the TIO for further assistance.

5. Miscellaneous

  1. If a complaint is in relation to a genuinely disputed amount, that amount shall be quarantined from Credit Management until the dispute is resolved.
  2. All communication relating to a complaint will be recorded and stored for a period of no less than two (2) years.
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